When it comes to the most renowned physicist of the world Stephen Hawkins is surely counted as one of them. Stephen Hawking has recently appeared in an event in Hongkong from his home in Cambridge. 

Stephen Hawking was asked about different space related things like travelling to other planets and things like that. He has answered those questions very efficiently at the same time he has answered questions related Blackholes too. During the conversation, Stephen Hawking said that the current generation of human is in the middle of a global revolt against experts which is really concerning. 

According to Hawking, if the Global leaders who have a good impact on the world won't listen to the scientists and experts than then the earth can have much bigger troubles in the future. Deforestation is one of the major issues in the current world and scientists believe that it can lead to the climate change as well. This change of climate can have a huge impact on people. Therefore he urges different global leader and influential people to listen to the recommendations by the scientists and experts.

During the speech, Stephen Hawking also mentioned the importance of the artificial intelligence. According to him, the introduction of artificial intelligence will help to give a new face to the human civilisation. At the same time, artificial intelligence would be helpful when it comes to solving different crisis situation as well.

Simultaneously the renowned physicist has presented his concerns over the artificial intelligence as well. He has said that the power of artificial intelligence should be in the right hands. If it is not so then it may lead to a disaster which can be harmful to the many people.

Therefore it is can be said that it is really necessary for the global superpowers to listen to the scientists and experts.