Good supply of blood is really necessary when it comes to proper treatment, especially in surgery cases. If there is proper supply of blood then the treatment will be much efficient. But right now it looks like this crisis can come to an end. Scientists have developed immortal stem cells which can create an unlimited supply of artificial blood. These type of stem cells can be really handy when it comes to producing the unlimited supply of Red Blood Corpuscles.

These artificial blood cells are yet to pass the clinical tests. But if these stem cells go past the clinical test then it is going to be a huge revolution in the medical science. Doctors are also believing that these stem cells can be suitable for a rare type of blood groups. Therefore, the patient doesn't have to struggle if the right donor of the blood is not found.

Though, doctors have stated that the artificial blood cells always will be the way to go. Doctors have confirmed that if there is right donor available then doctors will opt for the normal blood donation. The artificial blood donation will be available when there is no donor available or when there is the shortage of blood.

Scientists believe that if the use of stem cells gets approved then it will be very handy when it comes to treating sickle cell diseases. According to the University of Bristol, this development of artificial blood cell will be helpful in 1.5 million cases in the United Kingdom alone.

There are some plus points of having this artificial blood cells as well. With the use of artificial blood cells, the infections can be reduced and it will be a huge advantage to the patient. At the same time, the preservation cost of these blood cell is comparatively less than normal blood cells.