The search for the needed NBA superstar continues for the Boston Celtics. Though it is not clear who and what they want, it is very evident that the Celtics are looking for a capable player or players that could somehow make them one of the contenders for the title. And one of their targets to acquire is Rudy Gay of the Sacramento Kings and the deal might happen before the trade deadline.

Celtics general manager Danny Ainge have already announced before the season start that if there's a decent trade deal coming they will go for it if it will help the team to be better. And getting Gay could be one of the best option available for them.

Gay, who has been in every news article about trade deals, earlier announced that he'll be leaving the Kings after the season. With that in mind, the Kings are thinking of trading Gay while his value is still high rather than lose him for nothing. Now, both teams seem to be ready to engage in a new trade deal and hope that this will give them what they needed.

A proposed NBA trade deal is being recommended to the Celtics and Kings which involves six players and a couple of future picks. Trade scenario is suggesting as follows:

1. The Boston Celtics will get Rudy Gay, Willie Cauley-Stein and Ty Lawson from the Kings;

2. While, the Sacramento Kings will then acquire Terry Rozier, Amir Johnson and Tyler Zeller plus Celtics 2018 first-round pick and Grizzlies 2019 first-round pick (via Boston)

Many say that the trade deal appears to be beneficial for both teams. The Celtics will have Gay as an added scoring punch that will boost their offense while Cauley-Stein is a young, cheap defensive center who is capable of protecting the rim. Lawson will serve a backup point guard for Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart.

On the other hand, the Kings will have the two first-round picks and Rozier for Gay which a good return for them while Johnson and Zeller will completely fill in Cauley-Stein spot which is an added depth on their roster.

Last month, TGD already linked the Celtics and Kings in a rumored deal however it seems that the two parties are not ready to make it happen and just waiting how the situation will turn out in the early going of the season.

Will this NBA trade rumor come into fruition? Is the Boston Celtics ready to acquire Rudy Gay from the Sacramento Kings?