UFO sightings in 2016 have been increasing steadily. Just last week, two new sightings were reported in seven days alone. The first incident surfaced in Kanagawa, Japan and the second one was seen in Los Angeles, USA. While the two were seen just a few days apart, they reportedly unrelated to one another.

The original picture of the spherical cloud, resembling a Death Star from "Star Wars," was taken in Kanagawa, Japan on Dec. 6, 2016. As soon as these images made it to the social media, the post went viral. Many, who saw the post, claimed that this is a UFO sighting.

Other experts said that this strange looking thing was caused due to a rare weather phenomenon, causing spherical clouds to form at a low altitude that appear almost like tornadoes. However, it is still uncertain as to what that image really is, reported The Sun.

Meanwhile, another incident came to light when a girl from Los Angeles spotted a UFO that resembled Chevron military aircraft. The girl reported that she was just sky gazing when she saw a mysterious object flying at a low altitude. Even though the object looked like an aircraft it did not make any sound at all, rejecting the possibility that it may be a military aircraft, as they are easily identifiable and very noisy.

What makes the reported number of UFO sightings more interesting is that Nostradamus Predictions for 2017 indicate that this world may be coming to an end, at the hands of an alien invasion, reported Movie News Guide.

T. Chase, a Nostradamus prediction paraphraser, supports the claim of this world coming to an end. According to the prophecy, there will be an alien invasion that will be followed by World War 3.

The psychic's claims name Russian president Vladimir Putin as an antichrist and the one responsible for the end of this world. Chase explains that Putin will be responsible for Third Word War, as the planets aligned to sign of a cross, signaling his rise to power.

For now, one can only wait and watch as the world events unravel before the eyes of its people and prove or disprove the claims about UFO sightings or alien invasion.