Arrival, a film directed by Denis Villeneuve, has got two Golden Globe nominations. Denis, who hails from Quebec, has previously directed Prisoners and Sicario that were released in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

Arrival, which was released in North America on November 11, has already stacked up $130 million from movie sales and has now been nominated for two Golden Globes. The film is nominated for Best Original Score and lead Amy Adams has been nominated for  Best Actress in a motion picture drama.

Arrival has been hailed as one of the best science fiction movies about intelligent life and has also seen some good light of the day, as it has recently bagged two Critics Choice Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Horror/Science Fiction.

Denis Velleneuve seems to be on a streak of directing good movies, ever since Prisoners stacked up great marks from critics. In 2015, Villeneuve surprised the world with Sicario, which told the story of an FBI agent recruited for dealing with a violent Mexican drug cartel. Sicario was hailed as a nail-biting action film and was cited as one of the best action films ever created.

Villeneuve then surprised with Arrival, which isn't an action film in principle and takes on a deep science fiction approach. Arrival tells the story of a linguistic professor played by Amy Adams and a theoretical physicist played by Jeremy Renner, as they try to find out exactly what the extraterrestrials are trying to communicate.

Villeneuve beautifully weaves in the first half and the second half of the movie in the last couple of sequences, and through it tells a story about the concept of time. The movie challenges the intellect of the viewer throughout its runtime.

Villeneuve's immediate next projects include Blade Runner 2049, which is currently in post-production.