One Punch Man has been confirmed for a second season and it seems that this time fans are in for an unpleasant surprise. According to certain sources, Saitama, the ultimate hero of the anime, might be losing his powers.

One Punch Man is a smash hit anime and fan have been eagerly waiting for the second season of the series, ever since Saitama fought Boros. Spoilers are already surfacing about the direction the anime might take with the story.

Some spoilers are shedding light on the fact that the Class C hero Saitama might become weak, and Metal Bat would become stronger. Other spoilers mention tougher opponents for Saitama and the Hero Association and that there is a possibility of Boros returning, much stronger this time around.

King, who has been cited in the anime as the strongest human, would become a hero with formidable power, probably surpassing that of Saitama. In the Season 1 of One Punch Man, King hasn't done anything heroic, other than suggesting to call Metal Knight and this time around, it seems things will be changing.

As for Lord Boros, who was the only opponent Saitama acknowledged out of respect, will be making a return and would be much more powerful. In fact, it has been rumored that Boros will be having the upper hand in his rematch against Saitama, and can eventually come out on top.

The ever confident Metal Bat, rank 16 of the S Class, would become much more powerful. This stems from the fact that Metal Bat can adapt to damage and destruction fairly quickly. This adaptation will allow him to take advantage of the situation and defeat his opponents.

These power ups are a welcome necessity, as now viewers and fans would be getting an insight into the mighty powers of the S Class heroes.

As for the release date of the anime, it might come around October 2017. However, Madhouse Entertainment has made no official statements as of yet.

Stay tuned for more One Punch Man updates.