While the rhetoric between Washington and Beijing has toned down, the imminent threat of a Third World War remains in the horizon. With tensions at the South China Sea yet to be resolved, it is likely that a conflict will surface soon.

China's complaint against American interference in issues around the Asia-Pacific realm is not without basis. The Chinese believe that about 400 US bases have been established within the Mainland's perimeter.

This mobilization includes the deployment of nuclear-armed battleships and fighter bombers. The proximal presence of military units is itself a provocative move against the nation with the world's largest armed forces.

A recent development has rekindled the strain between the two superpower countries as upcoming US President Donald Trump called up Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-Wen. The move has deeply offended Beijing which is why it released a number of ballistic missiles to show its firepower capability.

Popular journalist John Pilger has revealed the imminent danger of World War 3 in his latest documentary entitled, 'The Coming War on China.' Not only did his narrative expose the strong possibility of a nuclear conflict but it also divulges a critical development that will eventually instigate a serious miscalculation.

According to the documentary, a series of US military bases are in place to be activated in case war erupts. Considering that officials at the Pentagon are behind the preparations tends to be alarming.

It is even more distressing to note that Washington is bitter about the rise of China. Beijing's progression has made the giant nation to be branded as a threat to the aspirations of the US.

Pilger points out that it is objective of the film to institute awareness that war between China and the US can break out anytime soon.

James Bradley, author of 'The Chinese Mirage,' says in the video that American warships at the Pacific Ocean can be seen from the tallest Chinese building. He adds that such view can keep the Chinese anxious about US bellicosity.

It is essential to note that American imperialism has long in existence. Prior to the 1949 revolution that changed China, Communist Party founder Mao Zedong has called for cooperation between Washington in Beijing but his approach was rebuffed. Decades later, America's disdain is very much alive through its anti-Chinese stance that can actually trigger World War 3.