According to rumors, actor Josh Holloway is the latest name mentioned to land a role in the upcoming superhero movie dubbed "Batman Vs. Superman." A source told Comic Book Movie, that the "Lost" star is being "strongly" considered for a role in Zack Synder's sequel to "Man of Steel."

Of course, his rumored role is being kept under wraps but CBM believes Holloway could play Aquaman. As of right now, this is all just speculation. Recently, "Games of Thrones" star Jason Momoa denied that he was involved with the movie.

There were rumors that Momoa was in talks to play Doomsday but he told IGN "it's just a rumor."

"Maybe I told someone that it would be awesome and that's how it started," he added.

In other "Batman Vs. Superman" news, there are rumors that a scene from the movie is being filmed at Camp Metamora in Michigan. According to Man of Steel Fanpage (via Comic Book Movie), the Metamora Township Officials revealed that at least one scene will be shot at the camp grounds.

Filming for the movie is scheduled to begin next month. According to CBM, the township fire chief, David Eady, told the County Press: "This is a major Hollywood thing. From what I understand, they're already out there doing stuff."

"They were being pretty secretive and not telling anybody anything," he added.

Reportedly, the former camp buildings have all been torn down and the property is currently vacant.

"There's a beautiful lake back there," Eady said. "They're building a home for one scene. All they're doing is one scene there, then they're going to tear everything down like they were never there."

As for movie set pictures leaking on the Internet, a source told the fanpage that it's highly unlikely because security extra, extra tight.

If Holloway is hire he'll join Henry Cavill (Superman), Ben Affleck (Batman) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman).

Do you think Josh Holloway is being considered for a role? Would he make a good Aquaman?