The US intelligence agency is all set to let out the secret regarding aliens and UFOs, explains Paradigm Research Group (PRG), a UFO disclosure advocacy. It was a government whistle-blower who let the cat out of the bag.

PRG's executive director, Stephen Bassett, has been lobbying Congress members and the executive branch to declassify all the files that were linked with UFOs and extra-terrestrials.

"Persons who are directly involved in the management of the extraterrestrial issues want disclosure to take place under President Obama and are ready to work with the SecDef (Secretary of Defence) if approached," an emailed statement from the intelligence agency said.

HNGN reported earlier that Clinton had been willing to disclose the secrets in case she won the elections. She said she understood that ETs may have visited the Earth. She had also said that she would set up a task force to probe into Area 51, which was a secret USAF base in Nevada.

Stephen Bassett is called the "only registered UFO and alien disclosure lobbyist" in America. He almost convinced President Obama to admit before the end of his presidency that intelligent ETs have touched down on Earth earlier.

 "This [UFO Disclosure] will be a reality this year and across the front pages of newspapers across the world. The most significant news story that has ever been broken," Bassett said.

It was due to the defeat of Hillary Clinton that hopes of disclosure got dashed. Hence, it is quite important to reveal the facts now, says PRG. Clinton can push the Obama government to make the disclosure before he leaves the White House in January.

"What is going on here? PRG has publicly stated the agenda of the Clinton team has been to disclose the extraterrestrial presence to the American people (and the world) if and when she became president of the United States. That option is removed," the emailed statement by PRG said. "The Clintons now have a choice to make of historic proportions."

The PRG said the process is time-sensitive.

"Disclosure would need to happen early enough for the nation to absorb such extraordinary information and settle down prior to the inauguration. There would also be time to prepare various government agencies for the engagement of the media and the public going forward. Then the new president would be stepping into a relatively stable and organized post-Disclosure status."

The disclosure could be made by January 6, much before Trump gets sworn in on January 20. Hence, the current government needs to arrive at a decision quickly.

YouTube/Earth Mystery News - EMN