Microsoft learnt the hard reality about pricing their devices. It now seems like there won't be a successor to their Band 2. The Microsoft band 2 wearable is now removed as a listing from the Microsoft stores worldwide. This sparks speculations that Microsoft Band will not see the light of day.

Microsoft have, however, refused to comment on the same but Microsoft mentioned that they have sold all units in their inventory and now have no plans to restock them.

The rumoured successor to the Band 2 was supposed to be released sometime this year. But as of now there are no clues whether there will be one. According to a Windows Central article, the product listing had been removed from the "devices" menu in their store sites in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and even Australia. But the individual site for the Microsoft Band 2 still functions to redirect users to Microsoft's main page.

A statement from the company itself read about the removal where they mentioned about selling their Band 2 inventory. They had no plans for a new one this year. They also assured to remain committed to supporting the existing Band 2 and its customer base throughout their stores worldwide.

Even the official customer support channels would still be live as it is. But Microsoft also mentioned about investing more into its health platform which is an open-source environment.

ZDNet, reported that the product is now even being removed from most brick-and-mortar stores but the same couldn't be verified. It also mentions that the development kit for the band development has also been removed. This means that it won't be selling the hardware anymore.

This makes it even more obvious that Microsoft's plans for the time being for the fitness band is finally being ditched. Microsoft previously mentioned that even though they're being dropped, they'd still concentrate on exploring the wearable space.

It's now pretty unclear whether Microsoft erred in the pricing decisions because the hardware was priced insanely expensive when most of their competitors focusing in the fitness industry itself were offering their products at a much better and less expensive cost.

The reviews too for the Microsoft Band 2 were not really that positive and most of them either had issues with their hardware or it wasn't performing as per their expectations.