It's a completely incredible video filmed by NASA, no less. UFO hunters found an "invertebrate-like creature" walloping a much smaller creature. It was captured by NASA Curiosity rover droid.

The video shows NASA drilling into the Martian soil, and it was converted into a video by YouTube channel Mars Alive. This body searches for life in NASA pictures and videos.

With the crabby title of "NASA What Has Curiosity Rover Detected Here? Explain!!" thousands of viewers got into the act of listening and watching. 

UFO chaser Scott C Waring blogged in "Here you see the Curiosity rover drilling into the dirt on Mars and as it is, a small critter is seen walking away from the drill area. To top it off, the small creature walks just a little way, before something even bigger stretches out from below a rock and snags it. You see one arm in front of it, and a second behind it. So there is life on Mars, but its a vicious and short life to be had. It is really an extraordinary find, and very lucky."

As usual, Waring pointed out the villainy of NASA - but with a twist different from what he says usually regarding NASA's camouflage and conspiracy.

"Sadly, the Curiosity rover is responsible for this creature's death, since it scared it off, only to be eaten by some hungry predator with long arms."

He added that it looked like "a crab-like creature camouflaged as a sharp triangle rock".

Amazingly, the little creepy-crawly moved a little, but then something much bigger came out from a rock and snatched it.

He added: "Do you remember about six years back a rock labeled "the Mars Donut," was seen to have moved, even though it was big? And the first time the Russian lander landed on Mars, a similar crab-like object was seen in one photo, but disappeared in the next, so what we have here is a smaller creature eaten by a larger one that can appear like a rock, but move at high speeds when attacking."

Readers and viewers had their own comments to add.

Terry O'Neill said: "Looked like an insect to me. I could see legs."

Amber Foster added: "I could see the legs too - looked like a sort of granddaddy spider."

But not everyone was willing to be convinced.

Beer Money scoffed: "A rock moving due to vibration from the drill."

Kanal khan dismissed the creature with: "Agreed, as you can see dust coming out from the cracks."

Kenneth Atkins added: "Little Rocks moving under the vibration of the drill."

The life-like footage and crabby comments are over fast. However, it has opened a lifetime of thinking and wondering: Is NASA shooting but hiding evidence of alien life in outer space?