It seems that Apple is battling to maintain its coveted position as the world's best Ultrabook producer. Of Course, critics try to consider all factors before making a conclusion on which is the finest laptop or smartphone to buy.

These factors act as a gage that establishes which product is worthy of being recommended to customers. Basically, it's price versus performance evaluation, with other qualities such as design, size and clarity acting as additional benchmarks. Apple's MacBook Air remained to be the pinnacle of Ultrabook engineering for some years now.

Even so, the success of MacBook has not gone unchallenged.

Just this year, ASUS's Zen Book 3, outdid Mac Air, as the slimmest and lightest laptop in the world. Were it not for the high resolution on the MacBook's screen, this would have been a total knockout on the Mac.

Other upcoming Ultrabook challengers to MacBook Air include; HP's Elite book Folio G1 and Spectre X360, Lenovo Yoga, and Dell XPS 13.

At the dawn of 2016, Apple released a compendium of gadgets that they had envisioned to release in 2016. However, they were not clear on the possibility of releasing a MacBook Air 2016.

All the same, rumors have it that the company is planning to launch a 2016 version of the Air this October. If this speculation is true, Apple enthusiast are hopeful that the device might be slenderer than Zen Book.

There is also a likelihood that Apple will test their 5K resolution project on this laptop. The prices of this 2016 release are bound to rise but this is understandable. If all goes as planned, users will also enjoy additional services like a touchscreen display and a finger print sensor on this gadget.

For gamers, the Mac Air 2016 model, will feature an Intel Katy processor, which handles gaming better than the customary Core M processor we know in Apple computers. We are just expectant that Apple will surprise us with something worth buying in their 2016 MacBook Air.