NCIS: New Orleans has taken off with Season 3 but fans are missing their favorite agent Meredith Brody (played by Zoe McLellan). They are wondering what caused McLellan's to leave the show and now it looks like they can finally get the answers they have been seeking.

It is being speculated that McLellan's dating life is keeping her busy and this is why she has not returned to the show, reports Morning Ledger. However, some sources are also saying that it is her son Sebastian who she is spending time with, after her nasty divorce with ex-husband J.P Gillain in 2015. McLellan is said to be devoting time to her personal life and might be looking for love as well.

Notably, the actress left "NCIS: New Orleans" after Season 2, which also happened to have a very negligent approach towards her track. She was shown to be extremely weak in the dating department. Despite being a smart officer, she fell for a traitor, who put Dwayne Pride in trouble. Though the team managed to solve the case and defeated the villain, Brody left the show.

Producers have said that her exit was a "creative decision," but it did not seem convincing. Rumors about her troubled personal life have been there for a long time. It was reported that McLellan needed to be in New Orleans to shoot the show but the divorce case was keeping her busy and therefore, she decided to quit the show.

Meanwhile, a new agent, Tammy Gregorio (played by Vanessa Ferlito) will be investigating if other NCIS agents are also in a similar situation as Brody in Season 3, reports iTech Post.

Interestingly, she has also secrets in her cupboard and it will lead to major uproar in the present season. According to Ferlito, Gregorio is out of control and others do not really know this at first.

Also, the romantic story of agent Percy and Lasalle, pretty obvious in the last season, will move ahead. Actress Shalita Grant, who essays Percy has said that the first few episodes would reveal more about their growing affection for each other.