"Wolverine 3" is all set to hit theaters on March 3, 2017, but it will also be the last time that Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart will be essaying mutant Wolverine and Professor X respectively.

Jackman, who carved a niche for himself with the portrayal of Wolverine, has done a commendable job in his swan song, reports Movie News Guide. Still, fans are having mixed emotions about the movie. While some are curious to see his exit plot, some are disappointed with his retirement.

Talking of retirement, "Wolverine 3" also marks the wrap-up for Patrick Stewart aka Professor X. He will be portraying the character for the last time as well. However, this time, viewers will get to see a different side of Professor X.

In the meantime, DC actor Johnathan Schaech has expressed a desire to fill in the shoes of Jackman, reports claim. Schaech revealed during the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest that Wolverine is a character that is very close to his heart. He even stated that Wolverine was one of the reasons he began acting in the first place.

Well, one does not know whether Fox will consider him for the role or not. They have not spoken anything about the future of Wolverine and it is not even clear if they will continue with the role or remove it from the X-Men universe. 

However, if they continue with it, Schaech offers to be a good choice as he has the looks to fit into the role. As for the audiences' acceptance, it depends on his acting but that should not be much of an issue either as he has played the part of anti-hero Jonah Hex in DC's "Legends of Tomorrow" pretty well. If he manages to get into the mold, acceptance would come without much ado.

It may be mentioned here that when Jackman was being cast as Wolverine, it was not easy either but eventually things fell in place.