"Pokémon GO" is finally now up for pre-order hinting that the game's official release is coming very soon.

Testing for Pokemon GO will officially stop on June 30, according to an email sent out to testers, to get ready for the game’s presumed release in July.

It was announced that "Pokemon Go" will be released this July but specific date hasn't been announced nor confirmed.

But Some fans speculate that the mobile game will get released on July 11, in time for Satoru Iwata’s death anniversary. Iwata is the man responsible who brought the game to an international audience and it would be a fitting tribute for him.

The game will be released together with "Pokemon GO Plus," which is a wearable device.

"Pokemon GO Plus" is available for pre-order for $34.99 in the United States. In the meantime Pokemon GO , the device came available for pre-order at Amazon earlier than expected.

Pokémon GO can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone, but there will also be paid-for content within the game. It is not clear whether the paid-for in-app content will be necessary to progress within the game.

The upcoming Pokemon Go is designed for smartphones running Android and iOS.