The "Division" has been out for nearly two months now, and it's become clear that whenever Massive removes one glitch, players will easily find more to take its place. Some of these glitches are harmful, like the one that deleted certain players' characters, while others were fairly "beneficial," like the one that allowed players to beat Falcon Lost with little retaliation from enemies.

Now, two new glitches have emerged, and thankfully we can chalk them up as beneficial. One glitch makes it so the player has infinite ammo, while the other gives you infinite health. Individually the glitches are quite strong, but they can be activated simultaneously, and together they essentially allow the player to activate God Mode - sort of.

Both glitches have been posted on YouTube on the popular GamesGlitches channel. It's unclear who originally found these glitches, so credit can't be properly given, but major props to whomever did.

Infinite Ammo

The unlimited ammo glitch is the simpler of the two, and it works just exactly as it sounds: it gives players unlimited ammo. The glitch is actually surprisingly simple to pull off, considering how beneficial it is to players.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Select the "One is None" talent, i.e. the talent that grants players a 50 percent chance to get their bullets refunded whenever they score a headshot.

Step 2: Repeatedly select the talent until the game glitches.

Step 3: If Step 2 was successful, then you'll notice that whatever ammo you currently have equipped will go far beyond its magazine limit, thus granting the player infinite ammo.

Step 4: Select a new talent in place of "One is None," thus allowing the player to have access to five talents.

This glitch works differently than other infinite ammo glitches that some might be accustomed to. The glitch doesn't just grant unlimited ammo, it removes the need to reload your weapon as well - drastically reducing downtime.

Check out the glitch in action below:

Infinite Health

The infinite health glitch is the more complicated of the pair, but once again, works exactly how it sounds: grants the player infinite health - sort of.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Equip the Strike Mask which grants the "Rehabilitated" talent, i.e the one that heals 2 percent of your health per second when afflicted with a negative status effect.

Step 2: Equip the First Aid talent.

Step 3: Throw a tear gas at your feet and wait for it explode. Once it does, and you're disoriented, heal yourself using First Aid.

Step 4: Stay in the same spot as in Step 3 and wait to become disoriented again, thus putting the glitch into effect and giving you infinite health.

The name "infinite health" is a misnomer, really, as you don't actually have unlimited amounts of health. Rather, the glitch gives really high levels of health regeneration, meaning that unless you take extreme levels of damage, you're unlikely to die.

Check out the glitch in action below:

In theory, the last thing that this batch of glitches needs is one that grants boosted damage. Technically there is one, but it's simply visual. Players can get as high as 80 million DPS if they wanted, but the game still registers you doing your normal amount of damage.

As with all glitches, keep in mind that they will likely be removed soon, and Ubisoft announced on Tuesday that it will be adjusting its processes and policies in order to better track and deter exploiters. So in the meantime have some fun - at your own risk, of course.