A 60-year-old blind man and his seeing eye dog fell onto the New York City subway tracks in Harlem Tuesday morning, but survived the fall with minor injuries.

The man, identified as Peceil Williams, and his black labrador were standing on the uptown A train platform at 125th Street around 9:30 a.m. when witnesses told NY1 that the 60-year-old started to lean precariously.

Suddenly, he fell onto the track as his dog followed, while an uptown train pulled into the station. Police said that the conductor driving the train saw the pair lying on the tracks and yanked the emergency brake.

One witness told the New York Post that while the train approached, Williams shimmied into the lowered well in the middle of the track as the car pulled over him and his dog. The two were hit by the train, but neither sustained life-threatening injuries.

They were taken to St. Luke's Hospital and are said to be in stable condition.

A, B and D train service was temporarily suspended after the event, but has since started back up, an MTA spokesperson told the Post.

53-year-old Morningside Heights resident Ana Quinones watched the entire incident happen.

"The dog was trying to pull him away from the southbound edge of the platform, but his feet were on the edge, he was wobbling, and the dog was barking," she told the Post. "But there was nothing he could do once he was down there. He just sat there with the man. He just licked the man's face trying to get him to move."

FIT student Ashley Prenza said that chaos erupted in the station once the man went down.

"Everyone was screaming, everyone was shaking in horror," she said. "We heard someone on the other side scream, he's fine, he's alive! It was a big relief for everyone."