Two robbers got more than what they bargained for Tuesday when an 81-year-old Pennsylvania woman chased them down in her car after they stole her purse and taught them the hard way that you are never to old to fight crime, according to authorities.

The incident occurred Tuesday as Alice Makla was sitting in her car in the driveway of her Mount Pocono home when she was approached by a man and woman, reported Newsoxy. The woman had reportedly asked Makla for $10 to buy some gas, but since Makia didn't have any change, she gave the woman a $20 bill instead.

That was when they took advantage of Makla's kidness, reached through the open car window and stole her purse. After stealing the purse, the pair ran to a nearby red vehicle and sped off.

"She didn't realize they were following her until she actually got in the driveway and they pulled in behind her," Lt. Steven Williams of Pocono Mountain Regional Police said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Not one to take the robbery lying down, Makla decided to give chase. The pair managed to escape, but not before she rammed the vehicle, leaving behind evidence that authorities could use to track down the vehicle and the culprits inside it.

Police were notified of the incident and using the information, as well as the reported damage, they were able to find the damaged car in a nearby Shop Rite parking lot a short time later.  

She rammed their car, left some marks on it, and police had at least something to go on and they were apprehended today," Makla's neighbor Steve Jabara said. 

In the meantime, the culprits, William Hayhurst, 34, and Erin Vanmatre, 30, were arrested and arraigned Wednesday on robbery and other charges, according to the Associated Press. The two are being held on $50,000 bail and had a preliminary hearing Thursday. 

"Good for her! I honestly think, good for her!" said local Maria DePinto. "Honestly, they actually picked on that wrong person, so wrong day to pick on her." 

Police say Hayhurst and Vanmatre chose as Makla as their mark after seeing her with cash at a local pharmacy.