A federal judge ordering Chobani on Friday to remove defamatory television ads from the air after the yogurt company made some wild claims in them, according to NBC News.

The judge ruled that the ads attacking competitors were false, as these ads claimed that other companys' yogurt products were "unsafe or harmful" and contained toxic chemicals.

The ad contains a voice-over that makes comments like, "that stuff is used to kill bugs," and, "That stuff has chlorine added to it!"  

The ads claiming that other yogurts contained bug-killing chemicals and chlorine were targeted at Dannon and General Mills, Fox News reported. This caused Dannon to release a cease-and-desist letter to Chobani. They then fired back at Dannon with a lawsuit.

Chobani is also caught up in a court case with General Mills, the maker of Yoplait, as well, CNN noted.

"General Mills supports fair and vigorous competition between companies, but false advertising only misleads and harms consumers," General Mills spokesman Mike Siemienas said in a statement after the ruling.

Chobani also released a statement, disappointed by the judge's decision. 

"This is not a marketing campaign, it's a mindset campaign, and it outlines the difference between using only natural ingredients versus artificial ingredients," the company said.

Now that Dannon has won its preliminary suit, it plans on going after Chobani to seek damages.