Sean "Diddy" Combs and Mark Wahlberg have plans to make a huge contribution to those in Flint, Mich., suffering from the city's water crisis due to the lead-contamination that is currently threatening the entire community's health.

AQUAhydrate, which is a bottled water company owned in part by Diddy and Wahlberg since 2013, will be donating 5,000 cases, which is equivalent to 1 million bottles of water, to the residents of Flint, according to ABC News. They also have pledged to continue providing bottles to the residents until the city's water problems are completely solved. The water is expected to be delivered on Wednesday Jan. 27.

High levels of lead have been detected in Flint's water since officials switched from the Detroit municipal system and began drawing from the Flint River as a cost-saving measure. With so many people in the are dealing with immediate physical health problems, as well as developmental issues in children linked to the lead poisoning, many artists like Big Sean, Eminem, Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, Pearl Jam and 50 Cent have also pledged support and donations to assist Flint's water crisis.

Big Sean recently launched his own fundraiser called #HealFlintKids to help raise money for the Community Foundation of Greater Flint Michigan's "Flint Child Health & Development Fund," as HNGN previously reported. As someone who was born in Detroit, the issues hit close to home, so he started off the donations by contributing $10,000 himself and even encouraged fans to donate on his Crowdrise page by offering up some contests for VIP tickets and meet and greets to those who did. 

Pearl Jam and other artists also pledged a total of $300,000 for the families affected by the water crisis. The rock band donated $125,000, while their record company, Republic Records, raised a total of $175,000 together with other companies like Ticketmaster, Live Nation, University Music Publishing Group and William Morris Endeavor Entertainment. Pearl Jam has also set up a Crowdrise page so their fans can donate to the cause.