Are you tired all the time? Do you wake up feeling like you're not up to doing anything? Are you slacking at work or unable to get to your chores and routines more quickly? It looks like you're running out of energy, and it's slowly affecting the way you function. Below are some tips to getting more energy into your life:

1) Sleep optimally at night and strengthen your body with exercises. Use office breaks or lunch hours to do workouts or catch up on sleep. While you do use up energy with exercises, committing to a fitness routine can actually boost energy as it can strengthen your muscles and improve your body's endurance and cardiovascular system according to Mayo Clinic. At night, keep the habit of sleeping early and set your alarm to remind you that it's time to sleep, not time to wake up.

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2) Make better choices when it comes to food. Learn to enjoy all sorts of foods so you don't have to deprive yourself, but also muster willpower to resist temptation. Experts say that some decisions about the food we eat can be conditioned. "We found we could get kids to choose the healthier food much more often if we simply asked what their favorite superhero or their favorite princess would do. Even if they responded 'french fries', half the time they took the apple slices," "Mindless Eating" author Brian Wansink said, according to Bakadesuyo. "The same thing works for adults. If you're faced with a decision like, 'Should I eat dessert?' think of an admired person in your life. Say to yourself, 'What would my cool friend Steve do?' You'll find that about a third of the time it will be easier for you to make healthier decisions."

3) Pay attention to your body signals. Understand your body. If you're a typical night owl, don't schedule 8 a.m. meetings. If you've just arrived from a business trip and you're feeling quite jet-lagged, rest first before jumping back to work as soon as the day breaks. There's a great chance your body isn't going to cooperate.

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4) Set your tasks and goals properly. This involves decision-making, too. You don't have to take every project or work that is given to you because you're likely to spread yourself thin. You will be able to perform and focus better if you're handling fewer stuff on your To-Do list.

5) Simplify your choices. Much of your energy could be easily zapped by all those small decisions you have to make every single day, hence you can scale down by simplifying your routines, according to Forbes.

6) Learn to delegate or outsource. If there's a lot to be done, seek the help of others, whether it's a work assignment or a house chore. Laundry? Send it to the cleaners. Grocery? Maybe try online delivery.

7) Shut down once in a while. The best cure for a burnout is to temporarily stop doing what you're doing. Chill, relax or unwind. Reset your system by going on a vacation or taking a day off. You'll get back into your routines and tasks more energized because of it. This weekend is a good start.