Theresa Vail, host of adventure TV series "Limitless with Theresa Vail" and former 2013 Miss Kansas, has pleaded guilty to hunting a grizzly bear without a license in Alaska, according to the Associated Press.

Vail was handed a sentence of one year of probation, along with a $750 fine, by a state court judge on Wednesday. The sentence also included a $1,300 remuneration fee that could be divided among the other defendants if they are found guilty of the offence. A second charge against the TV host was dropped.

The former TV personality shot and killed two Alaskan grizzlies bear during a guided hunt in May of last year. However, she had a state hunting tag for only one grizzly bear, The Examiner reported.

The former beauty queen shot one male bear, and in an attempt to kill the animal, she accidentally shot another female bear that came within range, resulting in the death of both bears.

The field guide and the master guide, who are both facing charges in the case, flew in another hunting tag and falsified the license to show that it was obtained on a previous date in a bid to cover up the illegal killing of the second bear, according to Newsmax.

Vail's lawyer, Kevin Fitzgerald, said that her client felt guilty about the incident but ended up signing the back-dated tag. He added that Vail felt guilty about the illegal hunt and therefore decided to come clean.