It turns out the Adele is not as good at lying as she is at singing. The "Hello" singer stopped by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and took part in Fallon's running game, "Box of Lies."

The singer, who has sold 2.3 million copies of her new album "25" in three days, also performed a song off the album called "Water Under the Bridge" and opened about some of her current favorite artists.

In the game "Box of Lies" Adele and Fallon each took turns and picked out a box with an unknown object inside of it. The player then got to either lie about what the object was or tell the truth. Once the object was described, the opponent had to either guess if it was a lie or a truth.

Adele was up first and chose a box with a dinosaur dressed as a cowboy, but she told Fallon it was dressed as a fairy. Fallon detected her lie and the first point went to him. In the next round Adele thought she finally outsmarted the host, but in the end he detected her lie once again.

In an interview with Fallon, Adele also talked about how she wanted to perform different songs each time she made an appearance because she "makes records" and doesn't want to "be about singles." She also revealed that she is also not so patiently waiting for Rihanna's and Frank Ocean's new records.

"I am the biggest RiRi fan," Adele told Fallon. "And obviously Frank Ocean, I don't even know where he's gone."

Finally, Adele gave a killer performance of "Water Under the Bridge," a song off of her new album, "25."

Check it out below.