Microsoft has just released a tutorial that uses "Minecraft" to teach kids the basics of computer programming, according to Engadget. The tutorial replaces the standard action on point and clicking to smash through the landscape, and forces players to string together code-like commands such as "turn right" and "destroy block."

"Minecraft" was released in 2009 and is a sandbox game that lets players create their own worlds and share them so that others can explore them, according to CNET.

The unique tutorial consists of 14 different puzzles that increase in their complexity as the player progresses, according to TIME. Once each puzzle is solved, the tutorial shows users the lines of code that comprise the JavaScript program that make up the foundation of the game.

"A core part of our mission to empower every person on the planet is equipping youth with computational thinking and problem-solving skills to succeed in an increasingly digital world," said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. "With Minecraft and, we aim to spark creativity in the next generation of innovators in a way that is natural, collaborative and fun."

The new focus on programming will be utilized in the "Hour of Code" event that is set to be hosted by with the help of Microsoft next month from December 7-13. The event is a part of Computer Science Education Week and marks the first time that will be leading it.