Actor Jamie Foxx gave his support to director Quentin Tarantino while speaking at the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday night. "Keep telling the truth and don't worry about none of the haters," Foxx said, according to USA Today.

Foxx was applauded by the audience at the Beverly Hilton Ballroom after making the comments. He was presenting an award to the ensemble cast of the Tarantino-directed "The Hateful Eight."

Tarantino came under fire recently for comments he made about the police force during a rally that protested police brutality in Brooklyn, N.Y.

"When I see murders, I do not stand by ... I have to call a murder a murder and I have to call the murderers the murderers," Tarantino told the crowd, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Tarantino's comments were criticized by several police unions who have called for their friends, families and fellow officers to boycott all of his films, including "The Hateful Eight," which will be released in December.

Tarantino has also been criticized by his own father, who said that while he loves his son and has great respect for him as an artist, he feels that he is "dead wrong" about calling police officers murderers.

"He is a passionate man and that comes out in his art but sometimes he lets his passion blind him to the facts and to reality. I believe that is what happened when he joined in those anti-cop protests," Tony Tarantino said, the Daily Mail U.K. reported.