A "floating city" was seen hovering high above China's skies, causing conspiracy theorists to look into the phenomenon. The footage has led to theories of government testing and parallel universes opening up, according to Express.

News reports have indicated that thousands of residents have reported seeing the mysterious floating city high above Foshan, located in the Guangdong province of China. Then, only days later, people in Jiangxi were recording the same phenomenon.

Many theories have surfaced to explain the phenomenon, including a theory that NASA is beginning the Blue Beam Project that will use holographs to produce images of UFOs, as well as the second coming of Christ to institute a new world order, according to IntelliHub.

"Notice the group of buildings is repeated three times? If it isn't someone making it on their computer, it seriously could be project blue beam," said one video comment.

There are even some who believe that the Chinese government, with its secret advanced technology, is conducting experiments that can open up parallel universes.

However, weather experts have a more grounded explanation for the floating city, saying that the phenomenon is actually something referred to as a Fata Morgana, which is a "mirage that distorts distance objects," the Daily Mail reported.