Dogs and their toys make us smile.

This dog has fallen asleep with her ball in her mouth as she loves to play so much, she cannot put it down, says Life With Dogs. And the best part? She is even still playing as she sleeps. Watch her mouth as she sleeps, dreaming of those ball chasing moments that make her so happy.

Chasing balls is a dog's dream job; it's a natural fit for them. For centuries now, dogs have chased small things instinctively, according to The Muttley Crew, so when they became domesticated, it was natural for them to retrieve things for humans.

How many of us have been to the dog park and witnessed that one dog, usually a border collie or a labrador retriever, off to the side, not playing with the other dogs, but instead playing an intense game of fetch with their owner? This sleeping, ball-loving dog would be that dog at the park. Forget the rest of the animals there, she has a ball addiction.

Dogs are man's best friend, but let's face it, dogs have a love affair with their tennis balls, according to Buzzfeed.  And they are right. We have all watched in awe at the unflinching, unblinking steady stare a dog will do when it sees a ball you are about to throw.

Will this playful, ball loving, sleeping dog fetch? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe she wants to keep the ball to herself and carry it like a calling card. One that says "I love tennis balls and I am not ashamed for the rest of the world to see."