Ashy Murphy, a woman from Ireland, claims to have filmed an incident concerning a poltergeist in her home.

The video was split into two separate parts, both of which have since gone viral since being posted on Facebook.

The first video, posted Sept. 15, is accompanied by a message from Murphy saying: "Ye think he have problems, I'm down in the middle of no where with this happening to me wtf."

The clip, as reported by US Weekly, shows the cabinets in Murphy's kitchen swinging open and slamming shut moments later, completely on their own with no humans in sight.

Though the first video is spooky enough in its own right, the second video is way worse, which Murphy notes in a comment that accompanies it.

"Its getting way worse I defo have to move house," she said.

In the video posted Sept. 22, one can see her light spinning around without any human interaction, before what appears to be brooms fall against the door. Suddenly, a pan loudly clangs against the counter, and a large red basket, apparently thrown by the specter, comes flying at the phone camera, according to Inquisitr.

While some viewers expressed skepticism at her plight, calling it a hoax, others noted similar experiences happening to them in the past, and others even offered support to the troubled woman.

"Your one brave girl I couldn't stay there at all." one user said.