Following a great migrant streak of refugees going into the European Union, a crisis has occured that is more divisive to the Union since the fall of Communism, according to NY times.

This is following the approval by EU internal ministers for a new quota plan.

The migrants come from many of different places in the world with tyranical governments. All are migrants "in clear need of international protection" to be resettled from Italy, Greece, Hungary to other EU member states, according to BBC News.

This has come as a surprise to some countries like Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, who voted against the mandatory quota system. They'll have to comply with the resettlement plan even if they voted against it, the EU source said, according to CNN.

The problem of having to balance justice and security is at the heart of this migrant crisis for the European Union. The worry of the spread of Islamic terrorism affecting the migrants is at the core of this problem. With many people crossing the borders of these countries it is difficult to fully screen and keep track of everyone.

Croatian officials said that 2,400 migrants had entered the country in 12 hours, according to CNN. This is just one example of many migrants crossing EU borders in a short amount of time.