Richard Dawkins, esteemed ethologist and evolutionary biologist has called out Ahmed Mohamed - the Muslim 14-year-old who was wrongfully arrested for what teachers and police believed was a bomb - for committing fraud for personal gain.

Dawkins went to twitter to express his beliefs about the motives he alleged Mohamed had for orchestrating his own arrest.

Dawkins along with others have speculated Mohamed just shuffled parts around in a pencil case, according to The Huffington Post. "It's fine to disassemble & reassemble a clock." Dawkins tweeted a link to a guide to disassembling a clock, then saying, "But don't claim it's your INVENTION."

Dawkins went further to suggest that Mohamed "wanted" to be arrested, according to The Verge. Dawson claimed on Twitter that the Police who arrested this teenager - who has recently been invited to the White House - "played into his hands".

Other Twitter users were outraged about Dawkins tweet calling him stupid, and no longer a good scientist."@RichardDawkins for a famed scientist you are really f---king stupid," Twitter user @mrreptoid tweeted.

Following the multiple negative tweets Dawkins received after his twitter rant, he tried to make amends for this situation, and tweeted, "Sorry if I go a bit over the top in my passion for truth. Not just over a boy's alleged 'invention' but also media lies about J Corbyn."