In season six, episode seven of MTV's "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle Evans has fiancé Nathan Griffith arrested on domestic violence charges, Leah Messer admits she needs help after Jeremy Calvert serves her with divorce papers, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin enjoy a peaceful night out while on a family vacation in Florida and a judge rules in Chelsea Houska's favor during a custody hearing with her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

The opening scene features the 911 call made by a concerned neighbor after overhearing a fight between Evans and Griffith.

"We heard her screaming 'get off me, get off of me,'" the caller said, sounding worried. Cops arrived at the house and took photos of Evans' bruises and arrested Griffith on state charges for criminal domestic violence. The fight started when Griffith admitted that he had been talking to another woman for the past two weeks. Evans attempted to pack up her things to leave and Griffith wrestled with Evans for her engagement ring. A no contact order was placed on the couple after Griffith posted bail, but attempted to patch things up with Evans by relaying messages through the couple's friends.

"I love Jenelle," he told a friend. "I love our life too much, our hearts are in sync. She's my fiancée, she's the mother of my child. I want our family back together, I f---ed up."

After Jeremy Calvert made various threats, he finally served Leah Messer with divorce papers. She tried to stay strong but broke down in the car after dropping daughter Aleeah Grace (Gracie) at cheerleading practice. She admitted to friends that she's overwhelmed with taking care of her three daughters while dealing with the divorce and decided to check herself into a therapy retreat. She called Calvert to discuss child care while she's away and broke down again after Calvert harshly reminded her that their divorce still stands.

"I'm proud of you, I just want you healthy no matter where we're at," Calvert told Messer. "Even if you get help Leah, I'm not changing my mind about the divorce."

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin enjoyed much-needed bonding time while on a family vacation in Florida. Marroquin planned Lowry's birthday outing and the couple left the kids with their grandparents so that they could spend the night out celebrating, sharing kisses and taking selfies.

Chelsea Houska won the custody battle with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, who requested 50/50 custody of their daughter Aubree. A judge ruled in Houska's favor after citing Lind's multiple-page rap sheet as a reason why the current supervised visitation agreement should stay in place.

"I feel like my child's like, saved," Houska told a friend.

Watch a clip from the episode below.