A man from Miami, Fla. was arrested after he rode a sea turtle and speared a shark, in a presumed attempt to be the "ruler of the sea."

Police said that Carlos Argen Hernandez was harassing a sea turtle, then speared an undersized nurse shark and placed it in a cooler, according to Palm Beach Post.

"He was with his girlfriend and had jumped in the water and brought up a sea turtle," said Bobby Dipre, a spokesperson for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

He added: "He took it to shore. He had it on the rocks and was taking pictures with it. I don't know if his intent was to keep it or just take pictures of it," according to Florida Keys.

Witnesses say they saw Hernandez trying to ride the turtle before taking it to shore. Dipre adds that Hernandez had multiple snappers already filleted while he was fishing, which is illegal.

However, Dipre clarified that "anglers are allowed to keep one nurse shark a day, but they cannot be speared and must be at least 54 inches in length," according to Outdoor Hub.