Google released an update Friday for its Google+ iOS app; replacing the Messenger support with the Hangouts app.

Not too long ago, Google updated its Google+ app for Android and now the web giant has released an update for Google+ iOS app Friday, August 16. The updated version 4.5 brings interesting features for iOS users, which include integration with Google Drive and replacing Messenger support with the Hangout app.

The Google Drive integration gives users an ease of viewing, editing and sharing photos that are stored in the cloud. The Drive also appears as a standalone app in Apple App Store.

This new change will allow users to start a Hangout with someone directly from the user's profile page. Google launched the standalone Hangout app for iOS users May 15. It was recently updated by fixing bugs, enhancing app performance and joining Hangouts On Air.  

Google still allows users to access their old Messenger conversations via its Takeout archive manager.

"Now that Hangouts provides messaging and video calls across Android, iOS and the web, we're removing Messenger from the Google+ mobile apps (first on Android, then on iOS)," Virgil Dobjanschi  from Google wrote in a blog post. "Later today you'll be able to download all of your Messenger conversations (including text and photos) from Google Takeout."

 Like the Android version of Google+ app, iOS version supports Google Apps for business feature like domain-restricted posts.

Of late, Google has been bundling its standalone apps by bringing the services under main titles. Similarly in August, the company removed Google+ Local after similar functions were seen in updated Google Maps.