Any driver can tell you one of the most frustrating things to come across on the road is a truck driving directly ahead of you. Not only do they obstruct your vision, but they also slow down traffic. However what many fail to note are that those trucks are exceedingly dangerous to the cars nearby; the drivers can't see them well and even their presence can lead to catastrophic incidents.

Luckily, Samsung is on the case and they've got a solution according to Gizmag. Samsung has developed a "Transparent Truck" that would allow drivers behind it to see what's going in front of the truck, thus solving half of the problem! The technology would work by mounting cameras on the front of the truck and large screens on the rear would display, for drivers behind the truck, what the camera sees.

Surprisingly, it isn't the technology itself that is farfetched but rather the cost. It would be one thing to have the mounted cameras which are relatively cheap, but the four screens on the back of each truck are not. They would be a major investment for any transport to make and the worst part about it is that there is no financial benefit for implementing the system.

A more realistic solution would be to implement a V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) system where cars would transmit data about its speed and other relevant data to other cars around it. Of course, this is nowhere as cool as an "Invisible Truck".