Tourists visiting Mexico have been warned by the State Department of the United States for sub standard alcoholic beverages. Notably, such tainted beverage has already claimed the life of an American woman who visited Mexico along with her brother, early this year.

The United States State Department has issued a warning for tourists visiting or planning to visit Mexico as the place is flooded with substandard and counterfeit alcoholic beverages. According to reports from CNN, the State Department's website has urged the tourists to avoid excessive alcohol. This is due to reports and complaints that the department received stating that excessive consumption of the alcoholic beverages was leading to blackout as well as illness.

A security and safety guidance has been put up on the department's website. And, it also advises tourists, "If you choose to drink alcohol, it is important to do so in moderation and to stop and seek medical attention if you begin to feel ill."

Notably, the department issued warnings to the vacationers after the death of a Wisconsin woman, Abigail Connor. She was staying at Riviera Maya's resort, Iberostar Hotel Paraíso del Mar hotel and she was found dead in a pool at the all-inclusive resort.

It must be mentioned here that Abigail Connor was vacationing in a resort in Mexico with her family in January. However, she and her brother were found unconscious and thought Austin survived, Abigail passed away.

Austin later shared the story with Journal Sentinel, of how the last thing that he remembers was having shots along with her sister at the pool bar along with strangers and then waking up to find himself in an ambulance. And, it was after the publication of the story that numerous people came forward claiming that they had the same experience while they were in Mexico. This led the department to issue warnings for the presence of tainted alcohol in Mexico.