OnePlus One will be using EAS technology in the OnePlus 5 smartphone to increase its battery life. After fully implementing the EAS, the smartphone will consume only 50 percent of the battery even after using the screen for seven hours.

The battery performance of OnePlus 5 is quite good but according to reports from GSMArena, the battery capacity of OxygenOS will be even better. A source has claimed that even after using seven hours of the screen, the battery drain will be only 50 per cent. However, this unofficial claim is not backed by any data as there was no mention of the activities that will lead to such a small consumption of power.

Reports also suggest that the manufacturers of OxygenOS will be fully implementing Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) in the smartphone. It is a code which is also present in the base Linux kernel. The EAS will be managing different cores which will result in better allocation and use of the core in an efficient manner.

Google has earlier used the EAS code in the kernel but the adoption of EAS in a smartphone is quite limited even now. It is only now that Google has made EAS updates available in the Pixel phones. Smartphones which are powered by Snapdragon 835 can also take the advantage of this feature.

Notably, no official date has been mentioned for the EAS update in the OxygenOS however, sources have claimed that it might take in the next few weeks. It must be mentioned here that OxygenOS is a customized version of Android OS which has been developed by OnePlus for their smartphones. This operating system was first released in March 2015. The 4.6 version of OxygenOS will enhance the battery life of the smartphone drastically. However, the parameters for checking the battery life have still not been revealed.