Director, Steven Spielberg is all set to be back with Indiana Jones 5. But fans will have to wait till 2020 before they can catch a glimpse of the adventurous archaeologist, played by Harrison Ford.

It is time to rejoice for the fans as "Indiana Jones 5" has been officially announced. The sequel will also see the director and actor duo of Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford teaming up once again for another installment of the popular series. According to Digital Trends, the fifth edition will also have George Lucas, the franchise creator as the executive producer.

Though official announcement regarding "Indiana Jones 5" has been made, no details about the plot have so far been revealed. It must be mentioned here that in 2010, rumors suggested that "Indiana Jones 5" will have a plot revolving around the Bermuda Triangle. However, the rumors were refuted by producer Frank Marshall, who claimed the rumors were false as the movie at that time was in the research phase.

Notably, it has not been confirmed whether the plot will be a continuation or a fresh story, but Marshall had previously said that the upcoming franchise would be a continuation of "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Moreover, in a 2016 interview, director, Spielberg had indicated that killing Harrison Ford is not on the cards.

Remarkably, the prospects of the fifth edition of the franchise has been something that was on and off since the year 2012. The same year Marshal had also indicated that the "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" would be the last movie. Additionally, the same year saw Disney acquiring Lucafilms, which further made the prospects of the movie unclear. But, in 2015, it was officially confirmed that a fifth installment would happen but the time was not confirmed.

It was a year later that Walt Disney announced the release date of July 19, 2019. However, it was reshuffled and the release of "Indiana Jones 5" was pushed back by a year, making July 20, 2020 as the new release date.