As of the latest report with the ongoing siege in Marawi City, Philippines, almost 400,000 people have already been displaced by the fighting between the ISIS-backed Maute Group and Philippine military. With this, it was claimed that ISIS found a new foothold in the country even if they were driven out from Syria and Iraq.

The Islamic State which is also known as the ISIS just viewed the battle in Marawi City, Philippines as a major win already just at a time that they were driven out from their base in the other two countries in the Middle East. Most people in the said city on the southern island of the Philippines are facing an uncertain future because of the extremist violence.

Because of this success that ISIS viewed in the current conflict in the country, it was reported on USA Today that the said group has brought greater attention to the Philippines and the Southeast Asia as a new foothold for extremists. It was then considered as the first significant example of how foreign fighters from Iraq and Syria battle space can be brought in the other parts of the world.

As the fighting and conflict between the ISIS and the Philippine military persist until now, the families in Marawi City were considered as the victims. Some of the male children were being used by the Maute group as a human shield on the front lines while the females are being forcibly married to the fighters.

Some families were trapped at home while the ISIS-backed group and the Philippines military were battling. One of the residents who survived the said conflict shared that they were trapped in their home for 13 days and their last 4 days were spent without food with only rainwater they could collect.

Most families in Marawi City made a break to safety and they are now staying at an evacuation center in the military-controlled compound near the area where the fighting happens. Apart from this, daily strikes also rattle the buildings and houses in Marawi City while stray bullets were regarded as a routine danger.

The said fighting between the Maute group believed to be supported by ISIS and the Philippines military has already killed 427 militants, 45 civilians plus 99 soldiers and these numbers are still escalating. Just last Saturday, the Philippine Congress voted to extend martial law on Mindanao after President Duterte declared martial law there for 60 days.