The residents of MOSUL in Iraq found new freedom and peace as they celebrated Eid holiday in years without the Isis being in control. It can be recalled that the Islamic extremists have been driven away from the said city after the success of combined offensive from Iraqi and US forces.

Last year, residents of Mosul already rejoiced as the US and Iraqi forces were successful in removing Isis in the said Iraqi city. This just implied that children can now play freely which was not even possible before because it was strictly prohibited by the Islamic extremists.

Instead of playing, Reuters claimed that the children were being recruited by Isis and they were later trained to use weapons. Apart from this, books in schools were even changed by the Islamic group to something that would mirror their military ideology.

Though Eid prayers were permitted when Mosul was still under Isis control, festivities and celebrations were not allowed. That's why with the resident's found freedom, they did not hesitate to celebrate their first Eid holiday in several years.

Despite this great news, some reports were escalating that there were still thousands of civilians who are still trapped in western Mosul which was under the control of Islamic State. It can be recalled that Iraqi forces were able to regain the eastern side of Mosul following 100 days of fighting. Last February, the forces started to regain the western side.

Amidst the celebration of the Eid, which is considered as the conclusion of Ramadan, some residents of Mosul were still not happy about this. According to them, it will not be a real Eid celebration if they cannot still return in their homes. Several residents were displaced because of the conflict and the Islamic State control.

But it was reported too that the Isis are still defending their last stronghold which is the Old City. However, there were confirmations claiming that the conflict and the battle in Mosul will end soon. The Iraqi forces were able to get ground and air support from the U.S. forces in order to permanently drive the Isis from the city of Iraq.