The four Gulf countries that gave an ultimatum to Qatar previously extended this to two more days in order to meet their demands. It can be recalled that these nations presented a list of demands to Qatar following reports that the country was supporting terrorism.

The said ultimatum should be scheduled for July 4 but Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt issued a joint statement telling that they extended the ultimatum. The so-called extension of the ultimatum was regarded as the "grace period" offered by these countries to Qatar.

One more reason why these countries extended the deadline for their ultimatum was that Qatar's government asserted before that the ultimatum will send an official response to the demands presented by the countries. In hopes that their demands will be answered, Business Standard reported that the four Gulf nations extended the deadline.

It can be recalled that even before, the four Gulf countries maintained a good trade and diplomatic ties with Qatar but this changed when the latter was reported of supporting terrorism. They accused Qatar of supporting Iran and the threat of terrorism.

As included in previous reports, the list of demands which the four Gulf nations presented comprised of the closure of a Turkish military base in the emirate, end of diplomatic relations with Iran and the closure also of the Al-Jazeera TV channel. Apart from these mentioned, there were 10 more which Qatar needs to answer.

In earlier reports, Qatar already denied the said allegation but the country mentioned that they were open to negotiations when it comes to the demands. But just this week, the Foreign Minister of Qatar said that his country ill not like to negotiate since they believe that the sovereignty of their country must remain untouchable.

Further, reports were saying that Qatar's treatment of the list of demands was meant to be rejected. Instead, the government of Qatar offered a proper condition or a dialogue in order to resolve the crisis in the Gulf region. That will only take place if the four Gulf nations will accept the said dialogue offered by Qatar.