Israel just announced that it already removed the controversial metal detectors from the entrances of the so-called holy site to end the crisis. This announcement came from the office of the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu after days of violent confrontations.

It was reported in The Independent that the removal of the said metal detectors was part of the deal which marked the repatriation of the Israeli diplomats from Jordan. This also included a security guard from the embassy who had been involved in the latest fatal shooting of two Jordanians just last Sunday.

It can be recalled that the so-called holy site or the controversial place houses the al-Aqsa mosque. Before the removal of the metal detectors, it was claimed that the Israeli security cabinet considered first the application of state-of-the-art security measures from recommendations and suggestions of the security bodies.

Instead of metal detectors, the Israeli security bodies incorporated the use of advanced technologies or smart checks and other measures. This is also to ensure the security of worshiper and visitors in the Old City and on the Temple Mount.

As a replacement for the traditional and the usual metal detectors, the plan would include the reinforcement of the presence of the Israeli police. Aside from this, some reports also claimed that high-resolution cameras will likewise be installed which is capable of detecting hidden things. With this, some said that this plan would take six months until its full implementation so for the meantime; Israel would boost forces in the said place.

It was reported that signs of attempts to settle the conflict and crisis started when Jordan's King Abdullah get in touch with the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the presence of the metal detectors. Then this was also followed by a warning from the United Nations' Middle East envoy regarding the risks of allowing the crisis to continue.

Moreover, the envoy to the UN's the Middle East said that the crisis needed to end Friday this week since the dangers on the ground will rise if the authorities and the government will still go through another cycle of Friday prayer without resolving the said crisis. Further, it was claimed that the incidents in east Jerusalem were not localized since these affected millions of people across the globe not only in Israel and Jordan.