The officials and authorities of the state of Hawaii just released important guidelines on ways to survive a possible nuclear detonation of North Korea. Some of these guidelines included seeking shelter in a blast-resistant building and doing this in minutes.

Previous reports were claiming that Hawaii was preparing for a possible nuclear attack from North Korea since the recent testing of the latter's ballistic missile can reach the said state. With that, Hawaii does not want to take any chances and informed its residents on what they can do if this will happen.

According to New York Times, the escalating tensions with North Korea have put the possibility of a complete wipe-out on the radar of Hawaii's population of more than 1.4 million. It can be recalled that the United States just imposed military pressure against North Korea after its successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. It was claimed that this has the capacity to hit two of America's states: Hawaii and Alaska.

The government of the United States just said that the series of North Korea's missile tests is a dangerous escalation. This was also regarded as a current crisis in the administration of President Donald Trump.

Just last Friday, Hawaii released its first set of guidelines which involve the steps that can help their residents in surviving a nuclear blast. These guidelines include listening to the radio and picking shelter preferably one which is made of concrete. They also asked their people to stay there for 14 days or until the area has been cleared.

However, Governor Ige of Hawaii just claimed that the possibility of missile or bomb from North Korea is very low. This is a very unlikely event while he added that their main focus and concentration is to make sure that they are prepared enough.

Also, the governor of Hawaii shared that a missile threat from North Korea does not rank high for them compared to earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, and hurricane. But despite this belief, they still need to prepare for all the hazards and risks.

Since late last year, it was confirmed too that the officials of Hawaii have been working on new guidelines and ideas after several missile tests in North Korea. But with the recent success of the Communists country's firing, new measures were released.