Latest reports confirmed that North Korea will be hosting the skiing events during the 2018 Winter Olympics as suggested and proposed by South Korea. If this will happen, it is expected that the cross-border political tension between the two countries will ease.

Apart from possible hosting the skiing events, suggestions were also rife that an inter-Korean women's ice hockey team will be formed to compete in the said game category. The said Winter Olympic will be launched and will open in February in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

With regards to the skiing events to be hosted by North Korea, reports were escalating that these will be held at the Masikryong ski resort located in the said country. According to The Guardian, this venue has already been spotted and that South Korea has been coordinating with Jang Woong, North Korea's delegate to the International Olympic Committee.

It can be recalled that South Korea was not also pleased with North Korea's previous missile launching. The North Korea's missile testing programs also angered other countries like the United States of America and the United Nations. Moreover, the said country was also blamed for the death of a US university student Otto Warmbier after 17 months in prison in the said country.

But with South Korea's newly-elected President Moon Jae-in, hopes for cautious engagement with North Korea are in the talks. It was the president who suggested primarily that the two countries will co-host the 2018 Winter Olympics. This was also aimed to temporarily stop the political tensions between the two countries.

If North Korea accepts this proposal, it is expected that the country will invest a large amount of money in its infrastructure. But Moon was persistent in saying that if the two countries will host the said 2018 Winter Olympics together; this shall bring peace in the region.

Earlier this year, South Korea and North Korea have participated in many sporting events like their women's football team which played each other in Pyeongchang. Moreover, their women's hockey team also took part in South Korea's sporting event.