Latest reports have confirmed that North Korean women just declared war on the United States of America. This started with their claim that the U.S. was the one responsible for the massacre of North Korean patriots in 1950.

It was made known that American forces occupied North Korea's Sinchon County way back 1950 and this led to what has been popularly known as the Sinchon Massacre. Because of this incident in the history of the said country, North Korean women had the U.S. to blame.

According to Newsweek, the so-called Sinchon Massacre was executed by the South Korea but it was supported and backed by the U.S. This happened during the Korean War and this incident caused an outrage from the women of North Korea until now.

Last Thursday, the members of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea as long as workers met to discuss important matters pertaining the planned retaliation against the United States and the latter's imperialist aggressors. That was not the only time the country declared war on the U.S. but this has been done frequently.

In the said meeting, those present were informed that the U.S. was already interested in colonizing and conquering Korea. It was also made known that the considered most powerful nation in the world was not able to pacify North Korea before and until now with the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

That only implied one thing and that pointed to North Korea's decisiveness when it comes to affairs concerning its security and citizens. The said meeting happened before June 25 which when checked in the North Korea's calendar is the day of struggle against U.S. imperialism.

It can be recalled that the U.S. and North Korea were in conflict in the past months. The United States condemned the nuclear testing programs of the said Asian country. Then recently, U.S. President Donald Trump described North Korea's treatment of Otto Warmbier as a disgrace. In turn, North Korea tagged Trump as a psychopath.

Even if the North Korean women were blaming the U.S. behind the Sinchon Massacre, peace in the Korean peninsula should be first defended. Whatever was executed in the past should not be every country's priority as what matters more is global solidarity.