Latest reports confirmed that the state of Hawaii is actually formulating some preparedness plans in order to face the possible missile attack of North Korea. It was further reported that the said state does not want to cause any stress for the public much to the panic of its tourism boosters.

The Emergency Management Agency administrator of Hawaii Vern Miyagi announced the said preparedness plan. But despite the confirmation, Hawaii's government cannot wait to start their public information campaign in order to make sure that the residents will know what to do in case such event will happen.

According to ABC News, the said preparedness plan will include evacuation drills for school students as well as public service announcements. However, it was reported that it will not include the kind of duck and cover drills like the Early Cold War era across the U.S. It was even said that the public announcement will say, "get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned".

Hawaii, as known by most people is the only jurisdiction of the United States to have been ever attacked in the contemporary times by a foreign power which is Japan. With that, it was made known that the said state was famously laid back about most things.

Since that certain event, Hawaii has focused on preparedness plans mostly for tsunamis, typhoons, mosquitoes bearing disease, and high waves but not missile threats and attacks. But things have changed already for the state since news claimed that North Korea's development of an intercontinental ballistic missile can reach Alaska and even the said U.S. state.

The U.S. officials now think and believe that North Korea can already launch a missile 6400 kilometers after its successful test in early July with its Hwasong-14 missile. However, it was claimed that the said range would not be sufficient to reach the Lower 48 states of Hawaii but it will reach all of Alaska.

Hawaii further said that its government is responsible for the safety of the 1.4 million residents of the state which stretch more than 2000 kilometers in the Pacific. For this reason, they are taking no chances with the said preparedness plan.

Some officials said that the missile threat from North Korea is a remote possibility as of the moment. But the government of Hawaii claimed that everyone's safety is their top priority no matter what happens.