North Korea is said to be interested to stop its nuclear and missile testing only in the United States will agree to the demands the country will be offering. It has been reported that the said county prepared a list of demands which it will be presenting to the U.S. in exchange for an end to its missile testing.

According to the North Korean Ambassador to India Kye Chun Yong, his country is interested in halting the missile testing it is currently undergoing if only their demands will be fulfilled. He then added that if their demands are met, the country is willing to negotiate when it comes to the moratorium on its weapon testing.

Furthermore, New York Times reported that North Korea was not actually looking for another nuclear war in the Korean peninsula. Instead, the North Korean government is urging the United States to fulfill its demands in order to achieve a peaceful resolution.

One of the demands which North Korea I offering the United States will be to stop the South Korean and the U.S. joint military drills. According to North Korea, the military drill was an initial phase of invading the country even if the U.S. said before that the drills were part of the defensive preparations.

However, even if North Korea will set these conditions before the government of the United States, chances are the U.S. will no longer give in to such demands. North Korea has been known to claim to halt its nuclear testing programs for good in the previous years but the country ended going back on it again.

It can be recalled that in the year 2012, President Barack Obama agreed to a deal offered by Kim in order to stop its nuclear testing. The said deal involved putting an end to North Korea's missile testing in exchange for food support from Washington. But after some months, the country was back again on its rocket launching.

But Reports were claiming that perhaps this time, Donald Trump administration might give in to North Korea's demands and will open a negotiation with the North Korea government. Since the U.S. government is already facing pressure to stop the country from conducting further missile testing, there is a possibility that President Donald Trump will be open to this.