Yoga is known to be a pain-reliever but a new study has come to the conclusion that it also causes pain. The study found that 10 percent of the people who practiced yoga reported musculoskeletal pain one year later and therefore, the study suggests people take proper caution and be aware of the injury risks before taking up yoga.

A new study says that yoga can cause musculoskeletal pain and it is also helpful in treating neck and back pain problems. The study is an eye-opener in that it sheds light on the controversial relationship between musculoskeletal pain and yoga. It was conducted on 354 people in New York City and the participants comprised mostly women, who had taken a minimum of one yoga class in a yoga studio in the last one year.

The study asked them about the effect of yoga on their body pain through an online questionnaire and it was found that around 87 percent participants had experienced musculoskeletal pain within a period of one year. However, 66 percent of the participants, who reported pain, also admitted that yoga had helped improve their back and neck pain, Medical News Today has learned.

On the other hand, 21 percent said that yoga worsened their pain and a shocking 10 percent held yoga to be responsible for causing pain, especially in the upper parts of the body like hand, shoulder, elbow, and wrist. The researchers say that this pain was most likely caused by yoga postures that put weight on these body parts.

So, after the study, the researchers have come to the conclusion that yoga is not completely devoid of risks. Therefore, those who intend to take it up should consult their physiotherapist or yoga instructor and the latter should also brief the learners about the potential risks. Last but not the least, people should practice yoga conscientiously.