Fans would have to wait for months before "Westworld" Season 2 hits the TV screens but they can be sure that it would be better than Season 1. Creator Jonathan Nolan has said that it is an ambitious season with a much larger scale and he is also happy with the mind-blowing response viewers have shown to the HBO science fiction series in Season 1.

"Westworld" Season 2 is not going to premiere until 2018 or late 2017 and the wait is going to be longer for fans but they can expect it to be better than Season 1. According to GameSpot, creator Jonathan Nolan has said that the stakes are higher in the second season as "Westworld" Season 2 is going to be an ambitious season. He disclosed that they always wanted to increase the stakes dramatically and that automatically translates into an increased scale of production.

Nolan was also thankful to the fact that their team was incredibly talented and they are returning for "Westworld" Season 2. He revealed that the next season the series would delve deeper into the causes that have led to the events in Season 1. Nolan hinted that the next season will take viewers closer to the answers of the questions that have been on their minds ever since the first season came to an end, Collider reported.

The creator also expressed joy at the level of fan engagement "Westworld" has managed to earn. In a podcast, he said that viewers may think up their own theories about "Westworld" Season 2 and he also confirmed that Ford died in Season 1 and that Season 2 would dig into the past of the park. It is worth mentioning here that production work will begin on "Westworld" Season 2 from July and that Season 1 has proved to be an overwhelmingly successful season for the science fiction series that has been created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.