Princess Diana passed away last 1997 and she was actually given a public funeral on the September 6 of the same year. But before that, there was one thing the people did not see coming and that was Queen Elizabeth bowing her head before the casket of her daughter-in-law.

When Princess Diana's death was honored in a public funeral, there were about a million people who went to the streets of London while 2.5 billion watched. These people also witnessed how Princess Diana's family grieved because of the sudden death of the former Princess of Wales.

Apart from the people, Princess Diana's casket was followed by her two sons, William and Harry together with the Spencer family as they joined the funeral procession at St. James's Palace. Popsugar Australia reported that Prince Charles and Earl Spencer were also there.

The coffin of Princess Diana passé Buckingham Palace where the royal family waited that included Queen Elizabeth. Moreover, what made it more controversial was the move of the queen which was a very rare move for her.

According to the reports, Queen Elizabeth bowed before the casket of Princess Diana which shocked and stunned a lot of people. But some claimed that her gesture was very significant in two ways. First, the Queen is not really required to bow before others as it is the opposite.

The second thing that made Queen Elizabeth's move remarkable was the presence of huge amount of drama in the royal family with regards to the death of Princess Diana. It has been claimed on Long Room that when the Queen bowed before the casket, it only means that she acknowledges her former daughter-in-law.

It can be recalled that Princess Diana's death brought drama and conflict within the royal family. It was reported that Queen Elizabeth insisted to Diana's ceremony be made private. But she was being opposed by Prince Charles and British Prime Minister Tony Blair that time.

With this, Queen Elizabeth faced a lot of criticisms most especially when it seemed like she had no care at all with regards to the death of the princess. But when she bowed before the casket of Princess Diana this sent a message of compassion and honor.