The U.S. government is currently dealing with the nuclear crisis in North Korea and is doing ways in order to avoid possible nuclear war with the said Asian country. With this, a group of experts suggested ways on how the most powerful country in the world can prevent war with North Korea.

Previous reports were claiming that North Korea just successfully launched its intermediate-range ballistic missile after several missiles testing in the past days. The reports also added that because of the successful launch, North Korea is now capable of hitting any U.S. targets.

Despite contrasting positions from other countries like China and South Korea, North Korea still insists that their missile testing programs have nothing to do with inciting a war. The purpose, according to the country has something to do with their national security.

But according to The Sun, the U.S. government through President Donald Trump is determined to pressure North Korea in order to stop its nuclear testing programs. Apart from U.S., the United Nations also asked China to pressure North Korea in order to maintain peace and security in the Korean peninsula.

Despite this growing conflict and tension, some experts were telling that the U.S. government can still avoid war with North Korea. With this, they suggested ways which are mostly lessons from past wars like the Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis last 1962.

According to the experts, President Donald Trump should make decisions deliberately when dealing with the nuclear war with North Korea in the near future. It can be recalled that during the Cuban missile crisis, Former President Kennedy was not actually concerned about the Soviet Union's attack but the dilemma that he might stumble into a war unintentionally.

USA Today reported that Donald Trump can actually learn from that if he will come across with making important decisions regarding North Korea's nuclear threat. Moreover, the experts added that President Trump should know that misunderstandings are normal and in fact the rule and not the exception. In cases of conflicts, there will always be one side which doesn't get the point and that is actually typical.

With this current North Korea's nuclear crisis and war threat, the U.S. government can always have alternatives and ways to deal with it. Besides, Donald Trump should learn from the past and make that as lessons for decision-making.